1-2 June 2024

Saturday Drive

Our Balade R4P has already become an unmissable event for fans of the Stuttgart brand. The Saturday Drive of the Rally 4 Porsche is a tourist drive on public roads and is reserved for all Porsche models, regardless of their production year.
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Sunday Drive

On Sunday, June 2nd, the day after the Saturday Drive of Rally 4 Porsche, the R4P team introduces a new initiative. The Sunday Drive is a tour exclusively reserved for owners of a Porsche of any type and year, old or new, sporty or tourer, with a combustion engine or electric!
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05/31/2023 / Anglais Porsche

“Neutral Zone” SS Vaux-et-Borset

For this Rally 4 Porsche 2023, a ‘neutral zone’ has been set up on the Vaux-et-Borset classification stage (EC 3/6/9)….
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04/14/2023 / Anglais Porsche

Green light for the Rally 4 Porsche!

Less than two months before the event, those eager with impatience can now register for the speed and regularity tests…
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02/14/2023 / Anglais Porsche

A second 100 % Porsche weekend

A date on the eve of summer An exceptional event to celebrate 75 years of Porsche and 60 years of…
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