A three-star route for the Rally 4 Porsche!

A three-star route for the Rally 4 Porsche!

Less than two months to go, but some people are already looking forward to finding out more about the route of the Rally 4 Porsche which will take place on 8 and 9 October 2022 in Huy.
So here are a few snippets of information. But, shhh, do not tell everybody!

The Rally 4 Porsche will be held for the first time in just under sixty days. For those who are not yet aware, the event will, as its name indicates, be reserved for participants with a Porsche. However, the organisers are not being sectarian and will welcome both “all-rear” and “mid-engine” cars as well as “front-engine” cars! There is no need to worry: if you do not want to race, there will be a regularity event over the same route as the speed rally, as well as a route which will take you to Stavelot. There will be something for everyone, we assure you!

The event having already been the subject of a specific presentation (which you can find on the website www.r4p.be, and which can be consulted in English, French and Dutch) by way of an aperitif, it is time for the main course, the rally! We already know that it has attracted a great deal of interest and that some are already impatient to fight for the honour – the privilege! – of being crowned “best Porsche rally driver”.

To do this, it will be necessary to avoid all the pitfalls of an event “for big boys” (although naturally girls are also welcome!) about which the organisers are full of praise: “We had set ourselves quite a few conditions, notably that of not imposing ourselves on certain local residents with the passage of two events a few weeks apart,” begins Julien Frère, the project manager. “And we are proud to have practically succeeded, with the exception of two small kilometres, only one of which is bordered by a few houses. It was not easy, however, and the municipal administrations of Huy, Wanze, Clavier and Somme-Leuze must in particular be thanked for their collaboration, because they have enabled us to turn many of our ideas for the route into reality!

© J. Deskeuvre

In detail (but not too much all the same!), Yves Matton and his associates have managed to create a special show in … Solières, even though the surroundings of this charming village are well known to all rally fans! Let us point out a place which will undoubtedly gather all the public’s votes thanks to a “first”: a hyper-spectacular section in the… car park of the famous Moulin de Solières!

Stéphane Lhonnay, responsible for the route, is no less proud of the second special stage: “In fact, we have received the unconditional support of the village of Huccorgne, which has never before hosted a special stage, even though there are a great many enthusiasts among its inhabitants. Their pleasure will be increased tenfold when they know that this is also a special show stage. And that of the competitors too, with, in particular, a very tight left-hand hairpin near the village church and the local school which will require drivers to use the handbrake if they want to avoid a time-consuming “manoeuvre”.

Finally, the R4P team has not lacked skill in Clavier, mixing portions formerly used by other events to create a special stage of almost 15 kilometres presenting a particularly representative range of all the types of surface which can be found there! And something tells us that the public will have very much enjoy the fast but safe section around the Château de Vervoz …

This is a quality menu, we agree, for a route which will be composed of three loops of three special stages plus a fourth passage in Solières, totalling 341 kilometres, 110 of which will be timed!

The first competitors will leave the start area, located on the Avenue Delchambre in Huy, on Sunday at 08.00, while the prize-giving ceremony will take place on the Grand’Place in Huy at 19.30.