Grégoire Munster: “My aim? To enjoy myself and to entertain the crowd!”

Grégoire Munster: “My aim? To enjoy myself and to entertain the crowd!”

Grégoire Munster will be present at Rally 4 Passion at the wheel of a Ford Escort RS Cosworth Gr.A, the livery of which will be revealed very soon. In the meantime, he answered our questions…

What does this Ford Escort Cosworth Gr. A mean to you? Do you have memories of this car?

I was not yet born when this car raced at the highest level (ed.: Grégoire was born in December 1998), but the images that I have are the passages of François Delecour or Bruno Thiry, with of course his unfortunate retirement in Corsica as well. Rally 4 Passion will therefore be an ideal opportunity to see what Gr. A-cars from back then were able to, and give the fans some fun. We are here first and foremost to provide some entertainment!

Teaming up with Bruno Thiry, a Ford factory driver 30 years ago, is also a nice nod to rally history.

Definitely. Together with Freddy Loix and Patrick Snijers, Bruno Thiry is one of those drivers who have left their mark on Belgian rally history. And I am looking forward to forming a team with him, and we are both wearing Ford colours as well. That will be fun.

You will not have the company of your usual co-driver Louis Louka.

No, that is right. Because it is a ‘fun’ rally, this was an ideal opportunity to finally drive together with my best friend Raphaël Lekeu – who follows me at almost every rally. Craig Breen, for example, also had the habit of driving with his best friends at historic rallies where there was no competition stress. I look forward to share this experience with Raphaël.

(c) Photographs: M-Sport Ford World Rally Team (G. Munster) & Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Content Pool & Pascal Giets (G. Munster & B. Thiry)