Bruno Thiry: “Every enthusiast wants to attend the Festivals!”

Bruno Thiry: “Every enthusiast wants to attend the Festivals!”

Bruno, Rally 4 Passion is also part of the Rallye de Wallonie. A rally in which you last competed in… 2004.

Together with Nicolas Gilsoul, I had a program in the European Championship for Kronos and Citroën. We started the season with a Saxo S1600, before switching to the C2. In Namur, we got involved in a sketch that made quite a few people laugh, as we were disqualified for being too light! In Ypres, we received confirmation that the RACB scales were not quite right…

Eifel Rallye Festival, Alsace… You’re almost a stalwart of these types of events.

I recently took part in a festival in Austria with Wolf-Dieter Ihle. He suggested I drive one of the cars from his collection, an ex-Mikkola Audi 200 Quattro Gr.A. I love the atmosphere of such events. There are no worries. In case of mechanical problems, you can take your time to carry out the repairs. Every enthusiast wants to attend. The atmosphere is excellent. I think it’s fantastic!

This weekend, your Cosworth Gr. A is a replica of your car from the 1994 Sanremo. That was your first season as a factory driver with a 4×4 in the world championship.

My first season with a 4×4. We were fortunate to have the exact same car as Delecour and Biasion, a car built by RAS in Boreham. Wonderful memories. It was a very virile car, a beast. For a young lad, it was the Holy Grail! Just like for Grégoire Munster and his official Ford Rally1.