Rally 4 Porsche: a competition, but also a landmark tour!

Rally 4 Porsche: a competition, but also a landmark tour!

On October 8th and 9th, Huy will live on Stuttgart time. Throughout the weekend, the Porsche brand will be omnipresent in and around the city at the Meuse river, with a rally and a regularity test which will take place on Sunday. On Saturday, there will also be an impressive tour, for which the organizers have already concocted a five-star menu!

Competition, regularity or tour: there will be something for everyone, at the beginning of October in Huy. And although a rally exclusively reserved for Porsche cars is absolutely unique, we already know that the Porsche by R4P-tour will mark the spirits, too.

Have a look at this: after having lined up their beautiful German machinery on Avenue Delchambre and after enjoying a gourmet breakfast, the participants will set off at their leisure, from 10 AM, for a first stage of around one hundred kilometres. It will take them to Stavelot, over roads in good condition and through carefully selected valleys. After the lunch break, the return drive of around 130 kilometres will pass Namur, through a region which also has some nice surprises in store.

« Obviously, we will not reveal everything just yet, but the objective is that the Porsche drivers will keep a lasting memory of this event », says Romuald Honnay, the well-known head of ‘The Cabana Team’, known for its exploits during the Condroz Rally and a specialist in tourist tours. “We did not want to bore the participants with a complicated or difficult route. It is not a contest, and not a quiz either. On the other hand, there will be a simple but clear roadbook, including a whole series of nice viewpoints, remarkable places, heritage sites, etc… where the participants will be able to make a short stopover if they want to. This is a real tourist tour, let there be no doubt about that!”

But the clientele of Porsche consists, probably more than any other, out of real enthusiasts: “That is also the reason the lunch break will be held at the Abbaye de Stavelot. A walking dinner will be offered to everyone, as well as entry to the Spa-Francorchamps museum, which, as everyone knows, is located in these superb buildings. Participants will have plenty of time to enjoy a visit before leaving for the afternoon drive, with the arrival in Huy being scheduled at 6 PM. Good to know: this return drive will end by using the roads of one of the special stages that the competitors of the Rally will cover the next day!”

And there is no need to end such a wonderful day there and then! Those who wish can participate in the Porsche 959-evening, which will take place in the facilities of MY Vintage, or in the 911-barbecue dinner, which will take place in the centre of Huy!

As icing on the cake: this enticing program is offered, all inclusive (except evenings), at the democratic price of €180 per car (2 occupants). For each additional passenger €50 will be requested. To register and obtain all the details of the 959- or 911-evenings, all you need to do is visit www.r4p.be, tab “Balade”.