Remember: Bruno Thiry at the Boucles de Spa 1988…

Remember: Bruno Thiry at the Boucles de Spa 1988…

A car that will bring back many memories!

Although he had already amply demonstrated his talent in 1987, the year following his revelation in the Citroën Visa Trophy, Bruno Thiry made a definitive name for himself on the Belgian rally scene in 1988 at the wheel of a car that left a lasting impression: the Citroën Visa 1000 Pistes in the colours of the insurance company Sobelfa.

Bruno Thiry and Dany Delvaux began their Belgian season with a superb podium finish in the Boucles de Spa, behind the powerful Gr.A cars of Patrick Snijers (BMW M3 E30) and ‘Vande’ (Sierra RS Cosworth).

Based on a Citroën Visa Chrono, this replica of Bruno Thiry’s car at Spa is a fine tribute, imbued with an enormous amount of passion. Owned by Alain Collins, who first acquired it (he bought it 3 times…) in the early 2000s, this Citroën Visa has been sporting a beautiful Sobelfa livery since 2018. This livery was given to it by another rally personality, the late Bruno Blaise. And to complete the illusion, the real bumper from the 1000 Pistes.

In short, when you see this Citroën Visa Replica « Thiry/Delvaux – Boucles de Spa 1988 » at Rally 4 Passion, in the hands of Alain Collins and Christophe Sanzot, there’s no doubt that many will see great memories come flooding back!